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    Girl #3... something to go with Greta and Mary Violet

    We are due with #3 and have a boy name all picked out but are stuck on a girl name. We've got two girls, Greta and Mary Violet.

    Here is our current list in order of favorites, please feel free to add to the list or mention your favorites...

    Ruth, Lucy, Fiona, Hazel, Helena, Lola, Elise

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    Hazel and Helena are my favorites

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    Those are all lovely! You can't go wrong. If I had to pick, I like Elise and Helena best with your other two

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    The only one I don't like from your list is Lola. I prefer Helen to Helena, though. My favorite from the list would probably be Hazel, but it's hard to pick.

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    Ruth, Lucy, Fiona, Hazel, Helena, Lola, Elise....

    These are all lovely! I think Hazel, Ruth and Lucy go really well with your other daughters' names!

    I would also suggest Beth, Ivy and Agatha.
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