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Thread: Sparrow?

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    Nature names are a huge guilty pleasure, and I actually really like Sparrow. I think of the character from Dykes to Watch Out For, who's actually pretty solid as far as role models go.
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    sparrow is an awesome name

    we named our daughter Sparrow Michelle. She is now 15 and she has never been teased for the name because it was a "dirty bird" maybe rarely because it was a different name. the reality is that her peers have no concept of the connotations what the name sparrow implies, teenagers and younger children do not know that a sparrow is a scavenger bird or a brown bird or anything like that. Its a unique name and actually very beautiful name and I figure that by the time she is an adult, her name will not sound strange on a job application and does that really matter anyways?

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    To me, Sparrow is on the softer, more feminine side of unisex. I really like it, and if you do, I would encourage you to use it as a first.

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