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    I like that show, too. It's addictive. Here are some more:

    Zac & Kate Hanson: Junia Rosa Ruth (sorry, I think I got the wrong Hanson earlier. I guess name skillz run in the family!)
    Drew Barrymore & Will Kopelman: Olive Barrymore - I love the playful first with the stately surname middle
    Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy: Cyrus Michael
    Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Vivian Lake
    Kelsey Grammer: Faith Evangeline
    Mira Sorvino & Christopher Backus: Mattea Angel, Johnny Christopher King, Holden Paul Terry, and Lucia (cannot for the life of me find a middle for Lucia)
    Bryce Dallas Howard & Seth Gabel: Theodore Norman & Beatrice Jean

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Zelia • XXI • History student • Film and royalty enthusiast
    I blog at vesperlynds and everythingroyalty, and export names from Greenland and Inuit mythology
    Henry Ásgeirr Edmund • Alexander Adelin Lórien "Sasha" • Atticus Aksel Inigo • Asa Fjordur Ivik
    Cosima Ingrid Zenobia "Mimi" • Asta Ivalo (EE-vah-lu) Galadriel • Aviaaja Catherine Françoise "Avi" • Anna Margaret Undómiel "Anoushka"

    GPs: Nor Aurvandil James • Dante Valdemar Oisín • Olga Agnes Lúthien • Evelyn Alvaret Cleopatra "Elví"

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    Joy Williams (The Civil Wars) & Nate Yetton: Miles Alexander
    Malin Akerman & Roberto Zincone: Sebastian

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    Robbie Williams and Ayda Field: Theodora Rose
    I also like Mick Jagger's Georgia Mae but I guess she is a celebrity herself so it doesn't count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    Edward's actually the Earl of Wessex. That's why Louise and James aren't styled Princess and Prince, as they would if he were a duke. (I'm sure you probably already know this, though, because you seem very knowledgeable about the royals!)
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