View Poll Results: Does Freya and Lyra work as a subset?

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    I love Lexiem's pairings! Gorgeous!

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    I accidentally clicked "no" in the poll because I thought the question was if they were too similar to be siblings.

    I think they're beautiful together, and I would swoon if I met sisters Freya and Lyra. Great choices!
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    Freya and Lyra would be great as sisters.
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    Freya and Lyra are too matchy for my comfort level. Both are two syllables, both end in "a" and both have prominent y's and r's in them.
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    These are my top two girl names and if I have two I will probably use them. I think matchy names depend on how many kids you end up with. For instance having Katie and Kenna wouldn't sound as weird to me as Kim, Katie, Kenna and Kelly. I also love Petra and Cora

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