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    P.J. initials

    Hello, can someone help me think of an "unusual" name beginning with P with a middle name beginning with J, so that we have PJ as a nickname please. I like patrick joseph and philip john but neither are unusual really, kind of names I like are on my signature!! I do like preston but probably wouldnt use it thanks
    Daphne šŸŒŗ Phoebe šŸŒŗ Demi šŸŒŗ Aoife šŸ€ Teagan šŸ€ Maisie šŸ€ Chelsea
    Mackenzie šŸ’™ Brodie šŸ’™ Macaulay šŸ’™ Christopher šŸ’™ Declan šŸ’™ Cavan šŸ’™ Logan šŸ’™ Patrick šŸ’™ Kian šŸ’™ Shay šŸ’™ Shane šŸ’™ Sawyer & šŸ’™ Oakley.

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