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    I really adore: Daphne, Leona, Isadora, Flora, Rowena, Lucia, Serena, Odelia, Petra

    I dislike: Celia, Thea, Claudia, Ernessa, Felicia

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    Daphne- beautiful, one of my favorite names!
    Leona- lovely, another one of my favorites.
    Cosima- I feel like this is awkward to say
    Isadora- pretty, like it a lot better than Isabella
    Phina (josephina etc)- I'm not a fan
    Danae- it's ok
    Petra- love it, pretty and unique
    Helena- pretty name
    Flora- just ok, prefer Florence
    Celia- I like it
    Thea (Theodora/Dorothea)- nice
    Rowena- not a fan
    Claudia- its ok
    Lucia (loo-see-a)- pretty
    Elise- nice
    Corinna- very pretty
    Serena- its ok
    Noella- not my style
    Luella- its ok
    Cecile- I prefer Celia or Cecilia
    Odelia- seems a bit awkward
    Ernessa- not a fan
    Alina (a-leena)- very pretty!
    Laetitia(la-tish-a)- don't like
    Felicia- not a fan
    Dana- seems dated
    Angelica- all I can think of is the one from Rugrats
    Amalia- it's ok
    Alicia(uh-liss-ee-a)/Alessia- not a fan
    Cléa- not a fan

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    Daphne - this one has been growing on me lately. Very nice
    Leona- I like it, but prefer Leonie
    Cosima- lovely. I really like it.
    Isadora- I like this as an Isabel alternative, but, and I know this is silly, a recent Spanish telenovela villain was named this and now all I can picture when I see this name is her evil face. I am a bit addicted. it really is a lovely name.
    Phina- a cute nn for Josephina
    Danae- never heard this name before NB and it's growing on me.
    Petra- has a cool, exotic feel to it
    Helena- I basically adore this name and all its variations. Love Love Love
    Flora- not my favorite
    Celia- very pretty but I prefer Cecilia or Cecily
    Thea- I like it as a nn, but not on its own
    Rowena- I think it depends on how you pronounce it. Roe-wee-na is not as nice as Roe-weh-na
    Claudia- I know a hideous woman names this and it's ruined the name for me forever
    Lucia- adore this name
    Elise- an old favorite I discarded but I'm bringing back. I'm in love with it all over again
    Corinna- it's pretty
    Serena- another name that has been growing on me lately
    Noella- I prefer Noelle
    Luella- I don't like this one so much
    Cecile- see Celia
    Odelia- see Luella
    Alina- one of my favorite names ever
    Laetitia- great name with a great meaning
    Felicia- eh it's ok
    Dana- have a good friend named this and she's awesome
    Angelica- this is a variation of my middle name so I have a soft spot for it
    Amalia- I like Amelie or Emilia better
    Alicia- I have taught too many Alicia's. the name is ruined for me
    Clea- not my favorite.
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    Daphne: Getting popular. My lovely niece's name. Love the Greek history.
    Leona: I feel like this one's going to get popular too, as I've had pregnant friends mention it lately and it has that "a" ending
    Cosima: Don't care for this one...sounds awkward and bulky
    Isadora: LOVE this name, was on my list
    Phina (josephina etc): Love Josephine, is on my list
    Danae: Not a fan; only because I went to school with so many "Dan-" variations in the 80s/early 90s
    Petra: I like this name. Solid German name. Was my former boss's name; she went by "Pate"
    Helena: I do like it despite being a place name
    Flora: Very Spanish, lovely, but not really any good nickname options
    Celia: I like Cecilia better
    Thea (Theodora/Dorothea): Meh.
    Rowena: I do like it although I lived near a very small podunk town named Rowena as a child :-)
    Claudia: Do not like. Sounds too cloddish.
    Lucia (loo-see-a): Not a fan, but I don't hate it. It's just meh.
    Elise: Love; is on my list as a mn.
    Corinna: Love - lots of good nickname options
    Serena: Love this one too; can also add an extra N (Serenna) to change the pronunciation slightly
    Noella: Is pretty
    Luella: Too cutesy for me
    Cecile: See above - I like this name
    Odelia: A little bulky, but I like it ok
    Ernessa: Not a fan; she'll end up being Ernie
    Alina (a-leena): Pretty
    Laetitia(la-tish-a): I think of Mortisha (Addam's Family?)
    Felicia: Pretty
    Dana: I've always liked this name. My cool uncle had this name as well as a very talented pretty girl I went to school with.
    Angelica: It's ok, but I'm just not a fan of any name that stems from Angel/Angela
    Amalia: Pretty
    Alicia(uh-liss-ee-a)/Alessia: Many people pronounce Alicia "A-lee-sha"; it's a pretty name but may be met with constant corrections.
    Cléa: It's ok, a little bulky, no nickname viability

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    Midwest U.S.
    Daphne - cute, but reminds me of Scooby Doo
    Leona - personally don't like it.
    Cosima and Isadora - don't love these
    Phina (josephina etc) - I LOVE Josephine/Josephina, but not Phina. I like Josie better as a nn
    Danae - have never seen or heard this before... if it's like Dana, I would go with that spelling, if not... I don't like it
    Petra - ok
    Helena - ok, I like Elena better
    Flora - makes me think of Flora, Fauna and Meriweather from Sleeping Beauty
    Celia - like this
    Thea (Theodora/Dorothea) - ok
    Rowena - don't like
    Claudia - I really like this
    Lucia (loo-see-a) - this is adorable!
    Elise - one of my favorites!!
    Corinna - LOVE this
    Serena - adorable
    Noella - to Christmassy for me
    Luella and Odelia - don't like
    Cecile - love
    Ernessa - I like Vanessa
    Alina (a-leena) - I really like this one!
    Laetitia(la-tish-a) - too complicated with spelling and prn
    Felicia - I like Felicity better
    Dana - good
    Angelica - good, but don't like nn Angie
    Amalia - also too complicated, what's wrong with Amelia?
    Alicia(uh-liss-ee-a)/Alessia - Alicia is a prn problem for me, would have to correct people her entire life, I like Alessia
    Cléa - okay
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