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    Wow, some great options! Thank you!
    I really like:
    Vera, Viola, Valentina, Vivica, Verona, Vienna and Vanessa for girls
    Viggo, Vincent, Vance, Vito and Victor for boys.
    Now, I'm curious which one my hubby is going to like. I have a feeling, it won't be easy for us to agree!!

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    I'm a huge fan of Victor and Vincent for boys, but I feel like they're going to be popular soon. For girls I love Violet, despite its growing popularity :-(. But I also love Viveca and Vienna. Good luck! We're in the same boat as you; the Hubs won't agree to anything I choose, but thankfully we still have 4 months before baby is born.

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    Hmm, my favourites are probably Victoria, Veronica, Vincent, and Vaughn. Here are some more ideas...

    Girls: Vania, Varvara (variant of Barbara), Veena, Velma, Veronique, Vika, Violetta, Viviana, Voula (anyone else remember her from Degrassi Junior High?)

    Boys: Valor, Vero, Volker
    Estella ~ Helena ~ Miriam ~ Beatrice ~ Anastasia ~ Ivy ~ Marilla ~ Sarah
    Paul ~ Wesley ~ Walter ~ Edmund ~ Isaac ~ Abram ~ Gabriel

    Trying for baby#1
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