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    I think Essie is adorable!

    I also really like Estee, which is the nickname of Estee Lauder creator Josephine Esther Mentzer, for a teenage girl.

    I love Esther's meaning: star.

    Some suggestions:

    Esther Anastasia (resurrection star)
    Esther Claire (clear star, bright star)
    Esther Dymphna (star; fawn)
    Esther Fiammetta (fire star)
    Esther Layla (night star)
    Esther Minerva (star of the intellect)
    Esther Sophia (wisdom star)
    Esther Winter (winter star)

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    I love Esther! It's my newest crush and I have it on my short list I like the meaning and I think there should be more little Essies(in love with nickname too)
    What about:
    Esther Cordelia
    Esther Vivienne
    Esther Genevieve
    Esther Charlotte(love this one!)
    Esther Laetitia
    Esther Morgana
    Esther Evangeline(if you don't mind alliteration)
    Esther Thomasina
    Esther Rowena
    Esther Illyria
    I made this combos according to your list(link). What do you think?

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