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    Very Very Excited

    Just, just found out that we are about to have a third child. Could not be more excited. This has always been then place where we figure out our names. I love everyone's honest and thoughtful feedback.

    We have two girls:
    Sylvia Thomas (nn Sylvie)
    Josephine May (nn Josie)

    Husband is convinced it is another girl but I don't know.

    Could you help us get our lists started? What goes well with our two names already? Boys and girls names please

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    Your daughters have beautiful names. I think my recommendations are Beatrice (nn Bea) and Rose (nn Rosie...too close to Josie?). For boys, I like Myles, Desmond (nn Dez/Des), and Theodore (nn Theo)

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    mom to Mckinley Mayfair, Christian Wayne & Sir Angus Fionn
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