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    I don't really know what to suggest your rule list is so all in compassing. I think maybe instead of finding names that fit perfectly you need to start looking for names that you love even thought they don't fit. Sometimes thinking backwards works.
    How about these?
    Alessandra (Alex, Alexa, Alessa, Sandra, Sandy, Lexie etc)
    Corinna (Cora, Ina)
    Frederika (Freddie, Erica, Rika)
    Elliot (Ellie, Lottie)
    ...if my husbands has no vote, then....
    Endora & Lorelei / Dexter & Gideon
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    Jane Cosima | Jude Caspian

    Fiona*Thea*Gwyneth*Alice*Evangeline*Bridget*Lucy*M aren*Faye*Rosalind*Naomi
    {middle names}Lotus~Athena~Annika~Eleanor
    {honor middles}Florence~Constance~Lorraine
    Oren*Lars*Bram*Griffin*Nolan*Otis*Dylan*River*Pier ce*Asher*Rhett
    {middle names}Drake~Caspian~Caius~Penn
    {honor middles}Wolf~Edward/Edmund~August

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    Hahaha. I am pretty insane. I'm just the type of person who likes everything in straight rows and columns. I swear, sometimes I get close to OCD-ish. But thanks for all the help! And yes, I do love those four names very much. I'd be happy to hear more opinions. Thank you again for being patient enough to read through my lengthy list.

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    How about June?

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    My suggestion is Jane. Seems to fit your list.
    Married for almost 2 wonderful years and dreaming about starting a family in the near future!

    Felix ~ Atticus ~ Hugo ~ Leo ~ Maximus ~ Sebastian ~ Caspian ~ Evander

    Sage ~ Penelope ~ Vittoria ~ Lucilla ~ Liv ~ Hermione ~ Wilhelmina~ Rowena

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