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    I prefer Agnes Pearl rather than Pearl Agnes. I think it flows better. Agnes was one of the girls in despicable me, no not too old lady-ie any more

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucialucentum View Post
    It is very "old lady" but that's a style I like quite a bit, so I'm not bothered by it
    I totally agree.

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    Pearl Agnes is kind of "old lady" but I still like it. Besides, these names are family names and that's much more important than any trends or strangers' opinions.

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    Pearl sounds trendy + clunky to me. Agnes is very vintage but in style.

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    My Agnes is two and a half and we've been really happy with our name choice, it has a family connection for us too (both paternal grandmothers) and it is great to be able to give a reason for her name the friendly strangers and show her photos of her great grandmothers.

    We had similar qualms about it being 'old lady' and with my late mother's very Irish Eilish in the middle my husband added a second middle name incase she wanted a more usable modern option one day that was just pretty and chosen just for her, no history. Then of course we had to give her sister three names as well or she'd have been left out!

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