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    'Other' category?

    Could there be a category for topics completely unrelated to names? I know there's the Momberry one, where you can certainly ask questions about parenting and such, but what about topics outside this realm? Like a general advice category for things that don't really fit into names/pregnancy/parenting, so people could ask other questions of these lovely, helpful ladies? For instance, if I wanted to ask questions about diets, makeup, weddings, music, house-related-things, and general girly-type topics (not to discriminate against any dads/guys on here, but the gender distribution is clearly heavily weighted to one side) where would I post them?

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    There indeed used to be such a forum, but the site administrators decided to close it down.

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    Ah. That makes sense.
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    I think an "off topic" forum would be cool, actually. Maybe if there is enough interest Admin will make one?

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    It would be cool if that existed but it didn't clog up the new threads name page. don't you think?
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