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    I went to school with a boy called Kit. Artemis is cool. Bliss and Hero are not my cup of tea at all.
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    None of those names would make me think negatively about the parents at all. I don't think the names are too unusual or that the children would be teased, either...not even a boy "Jess". I'd probably think the Mom was well-read or well-educated and creative, and also that she wasn't trying to hard to come up with something too unusual or different or "out-there".
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    Oswin Rose - okay, I sorta like it
    Artemis - okay, unusual but not crazy. Artemis Quinn
    Hero - this one is a no go for me. It's too much of a word and the masculine form of the word at that. I would think that the parents were trying to ignore reality and be super hipster and "intelligentsia". I can see it as a middle name

    Eliza - meh, popular, but not my cup of tea, it's okay
    Posy - not too fond, it's okay, I think I'd prefer it as a nn for something like Persephone, Portia, Primrose, Priscilla, etc.
    Bliss - bit too much branding for a name--sorta like using Sexy, Foxy, Happy, Silly, Pleasing, etc as a name.

    Milo - great, nice name
    Jess - I think Jess is fine on a boy, not sure that I'd use it as a stand alone but I think it would work fine. Could work as a nn for James, Jasper, Jefferson, Jones, Joseph, Justice, etc.
    Kit - again, I probably wouldn't use it on it's own, but as a nn I think it's great. Would work as a nn for: K/Carter, Christian, Clayton, Clifton, K/Colton, K/Constantine, K/Curtis, C/Karsten, Keaton, Kenton, Kristof

    Thomas - fine, great name
    Samuel - fine
    Wesley - I actually really like this one. I think it's underused and very nice. Definitely more safe than other options, but a good name.
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    My thoughts:
    Oswin Rose: Oswin is strange strange and I strongly dislike it. Rose is a pretty mn.
    Artemis (no middle name here yet, open to suggestions). Strange!!
    Hero- not a name, it's like when people name there child chastity. i think uhhhhhh.

    Safe Girl List:
    Eliza love, in my top 3.
    Posy ok, nms, would be in a dream list to me not a safe list if I liked it.
    Bliss strange, like hero. maybe for a mn.

    Dream Boy List:
    Milo i think it is a great name! not too out there at all and I am pretty conservative with names.
    Jess I think in the 80s this would've been okay but now adays seems to girly. My sil's name.
    Kit -my friend named her daughter this and the name of one of the girls in the movie "A League of their Own". I actually love this name for a girl, way too feminine for a boy.

    Safe Boy List:
    Samuel-love, in my top 2, but I hate that so many people also name their dogs this.
    Wesley-not my fave, boring to me.

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    I love Artemis!! I think Eliza goes well with it: Artemis Eliza or Eliza Artemis.

    From your boy's list, I have always loved Thomas... Milo Thomas or Thomas Milo perhaps
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