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    Be honest...what would you think of me if I named my kids this?

    So I have like two running is my dream list, which contains names I love for the sound, feel, and quirkiness but worry other people would hate. The other is my safe list, of normal names that I sort of like enough to name a kid that.

    So for girls

    Dream Girl List:
    Oswin Rose
    Artemis (no middle name here yet, open to suggestions)

    Safe Girl List:

    Dream Boy List:
    Jess (I love Jess on a boy. Like absolutely adore it. But everyone says he'd get beaten up, so I'd be willing to use Jesse if I had to)
    Kit (i truly loathe the name Christopher...Kristopher is slightly more palatable, and I'd use it just so I could have the nn Kit, but is Kit as a first name okay?)

    Safe Boy List:

    Be honest. If you met a little girl named Oswin or Artemis or a boy named Jess, what would you think of them? What would you think of the parent who named them?

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    If I met a little girl named Oswin I would wonder if her parents were fans of Doctor Who because I had never heard of the name before Doctor Who. And seeing your username I assume you are a fan?

    I think Oswin is absolutely adorable and unique. But, I wonder how many Oswins are going to be born in the next few years because of the show. Oswin Rose is really pretty. I happen to be a fan of Rose. I know some people think it's a boring filler name, but I love it.

    Artemis is okay. It sounds very masculine to me so I would never use it on a girl even though I know Artemis was female. Not really a fan of Hero, but it could be a coolish middle name maybe? Not really a fan of Eliza, Bliss or Posy. Bliss sounds very southern. Not a bad thing, not a good thing, just an observation.

    I love Milo! I don't know why it's on your dream list though. It's not very unusual or wacky. I think if you like Jesse definitely go with that over Jess. That way your son could always decide if he wants to go by Jess or Jesse. I adore Kit! Makes me think of Kit Harington who is yummy. Thomas is nice, Samuel is eh (although I love just Sam), and Wesley isn't my style, but isn't bad.

    To sum up I LOVE Oswin for a girl. And Milo is adorable. Oswin and Milo would be such a cute sib set.
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    I had a similar conundrum, and decided to put my dream name in the middle spot and go with my favorite classic first name (I picked Henry Atlas).

    Interestingly, as I got to know my baby boy, I found the dream name suited him better, and now we mostly call him Atlas. I am still glad I went with the combo I did, since he has a more classic, common formal first name, should he prefer it later on.

    I also particularly like Artemis for a girl, and I think Hero is intriguing. I like Milo, Jess and Kit from your dream boys names (those seem very normal to me). I also like your safe names too!

    Bottom line, I would not think anything bad of you if you named your baby one of your dream names. I have met a LOT of babies with unique or interesting names!
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    Oswin is the only one I find truly hideous. Artemis and Hero are fantastic and Oswin seems to wrong next to them.

    Eliza, Posy and Bliss make a great sibset, IMO - Posy is not a favorite, but it fits nicely, Eliza is a long time love and Bliss is a new crush of mine.

    Milo, Jess and Kit are adorable. I love how unisex Jess and Kit are but you have them for boys. There's always Christophe if you wanted a longer version of Kit, but I don't feel like it truly needs one.

    Thomas, Samuel and Wesley are very handsome, I especially love Thomas and Samuel. Thomas would be SO nice to see.

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    I actually really love almost all the names on your list, particularly Artemis, Hero, Bliss and Posy. And I think Kit and Jess as first names is fine - I like one syllable names.
    I definitely wouldn't think anything bad of you with these names; I really do genuinely like them!
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