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    Pleurisy makes so much more sense! It is painful but ultimately benign and ultimately goes away.

    Good luck with the thymectomy! Thinking of you.
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    Hi Rollo. I don't know if we've "interacted" here on nameberry, but I always appreciate your contributions to threads. I'm very glad to hear you don't have cancer and will keep your recovery in my thoughts and prayers.
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    You're in my thoughts and prayers, Rollo. Just prayed for you earlier today! So glad to hear it is benign. I hope your recovery is an easy one.

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    I have lurked on nameberry far more than I have participated, but I have read your posts. I appreciate your wisdom and the naming advice that you give. I am very glad to hear that your cancer scare turned out to be benign. I hope you recover quickly and feel better soon!

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    What great news! Thank goodness for benign tumors! Will be thinking of you still.
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