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Thread: Nonna

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    Wales, United Kingdom
    My best friend is named Rhiannon, but goes by the nickname Nonny. But I'm sure you could use the nickname Nonna for that. I think it's nice to honour your mum, as long as you don't mind the grandmother connection.
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    I am also Italian, and grew up calling my paternal grandmother Nonna. I just don't think I could ever get past it.
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    I like it. Near where I'm from, there's a church named after St Nonna. I believe she was Welsh but died in Cornwall. So I tend to think of her rather than the word for grandmother in a language I don't speak or hear often. And Nanny is a word for grandmother in English, but I still know people named that. I don't think that connection should bother you. I'd love to meet a Nonna!
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    I don't like it. If I wanted to honor a Donna, I would consider Donella, Donica, Donita, or perhaps even Madonna (only as a middle name for this one).
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    What about Nina? It's very similar, but she still gets her own name,

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