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    Name the Babies #2, G2 Results

    1. Addison and Asher Bean met at the hospital. They have three sons, Ben, Jasper and Brooks, and a daughter, Jane. The next round will be about Bennett and Jane.

    DW: Addison Jane Davey (44)
    DH: Asher Beckett Bean (40)

    DS: Bennett Micah (meganlee2012) (18)
    DS: Jasper Quinn (ismene) (15)
    DS: Brooks Campbell (marinadancel17) (12)
    DD: Jane Finlay (bb) (9)

    2. Sadie and Ben Pittman met through their piano teacher at age five. They have two daughters, Meredith and Elizabeth, and two sons, George and Sebastian. The next round will be about Meredith and George.

    DW: Sadie Belle Bean (40)
    DH: Benjamin Leander Pittman (40)

    DD: Meredith Eliza (meganlee2012) (14)
    DD: Elizabeth Violet (elizpeyton) (11)
    DS: George Oliver (emitheduckling) (7)
    DS: Sebastian Lee (shanade213) (6)

    3. Abby and Jack Barrick met on an airplane. They have two sets of twins, Rose and James, and Nora and Lincoln, a set of triplets, Sue, George and Ted, and a daughter, Tessa. The next round will be about Ted and Rose.

    DW: Abigail Lindsey Pittman (40)
    DH: Jack Bentley Barrick (41)

    DD/DS: Rosa Lindsey and James Bentley (waverly1234) (14)
    DD/DS: Eleanor Rosie and Lincoln Jamie (elizpeyton) (10)
    DD/DS/DS: Susan Nora, George Clarence & Theodore Link (marinadancel17) (8)
    DD: Teresa Dorothy (lifesaboutmusic) (5)

    4. Rory and Liam Lemser met in university. They have two sons, Harry and Finn, a daughter, Cora and triplets, Sadie, Kate and Eli. The next round will be about Harry and Sadie.

    DW: Aurora Emily Barrick (40)
    DH: Liam Camden Lemser (41)

    DS: Harry Thomas (ismene) (18)
    DD: Cora Madeleine (marinadancel17) (14)
    DS: Finn Dominic (marinadancel17) (11)
    DD/DD/DS: Sadie Amelia, Kate Samantha & Eli James (lifesaboutmusic) (10)

    5. Lucy and Gus Merritt met while Gus was on a student exchange. They have two daughters, Adelaide and Florence and two sons, Charlie and Austin. The next round will be about Florence and Charlie.

    DW: Lucy Elizabeth Lemser (40)
    DH: August Charles Merritt (40)

    DD: Adelaide Katherine (danni) (19)
    DD: Florence Mary (ismene) (17)
    DS: Charleston James (oboeplayer1) (13)
    DS: Austin Thomas (oboeplayer1) (9)

    6. Amy and Elliott Davey met trying to get an agent in New York showbiz. They have twin girls, Rose and Stella, a son, Will, a daughter, Nicola and triplets, Amabel, Penny and Lincoln. The next round will be about Will and Penny.

    DW: Amelia Caitlin Merritt (40)
    DH: Elliott James Davey (40)

    DD/DD: Rosalia Molly & Estella Sadie (shanade213) (12)
    DS: William Henry (kaydee218) (10)
    DD: Nicola Maisie (emitheduckling) (7)
    DD/DD/DS: Amabel Violet/Penelope Claire/Lincoln James (bb) (4)

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