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    Edith is lovely! I've been crushing on it majorly lately. I think Elisabeth and Edith are lovely for sisters, too! From your options, I like Edith Felicity and Edith Cecilia. I'm not incredibly familiar with saint's names, so I'm not sure I can suggest anything very much. I have a friend whose been slowly teaching me about saints, though, and I do love the story of St. Lucy/Lucia, and I think Edith Lucy/Edith Lucia would be lovely. I also love the stories of St. Therese of Lisieux and Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris--I think Edith Therese/Edith Lisieux and Edith Genevieve would be lovely, as well.

    Good luck!
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    Edith Marguerite is absolutely fantastic! It pais so well with big sis Elisabeth Marie and is so very beautiful. Sabina and Rosalie are also great choices from your list.

    You may also like:
    Edith Adelaide
    Edith Apolline
    Edith Aurelia
    Edith Ariane
    Edith Bernadette
    Edith Caroline
    Edith Clementine
    Edith Elodie
    Edith Eloise
    Edith Lucienne
    Edith Jacqueline
    Edith Genevieve
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    I'm happy to see that you all are picking my favorite pairings out of the list I gave. I love several of your suggestions so far! Keep them coming - I'll share this thread with my husband.

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    I personally love Edith Margaret for you - I think it fits in with the ultra-classic Elisabeth Marie (I love that name and I love even more that you call her Betty!), it feels very regal and kind of "even" (for lack of a better word) with Elisabeth Marie in terms of how classic and regal it is.

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