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    Zenobia! That one is such a gorgeous name. It's beautiful and underused, and it would go wonderfully with Rosalind.

    Now, I am somewhat hesitant about coming with suggestions because you have such a wonderful taste in names, and I could be waaaaay off in my suggestions (because I usually are). However, I am gonna take the chance and mention a few beautiful names:

    Aemilia (from Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors)
    Gaia (Greek; earth and fertility goddess)
    Hespera (Roman; goddess of dusk)
    Juno (Roman; Queen of the gods, goddess of matrimony)
    Marina (from Shakespeare's Pericles)
    Saga (Norse; goddess of runes)
    Thaisa (from Shakespeare's Pericles)
    Vesta (Roman; goddess of the hearth)
    Violenta (from Shakespeare's All's Well that Ends Well)
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    My favorites from you list are Fiammetta and Melisande but I don't think I like them paired with Rosalind.
    I do love Rosalind and Cordelia. They are perfect together.
    Rosalind and Cosette
    Rosalind and Isolde
    Rosalind and Georgiana (Darcy's young sis! So cute)
    Rosalind and Cicely
    Rosalind and Clio
    Rosalind and Charis
    Rosalind and Corinna
    Rosalind and Daphne
    Rosalind and Ophelia
    Rosalind and Ondine
    Rosalind and Livia
    Rosalind and Celia
    Rosalind and Imogen
    Rosalind and Apollonia/Apolline
    Rosalind and Viola
    Rosalind and Lavinia
    Rosalind and Demetria
    Rosalind and Eudora
    Rosalind and Phaedra
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