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    Danielle is a classic... and you have the plus of the nickname Dani for a girl, which is adorable. I love girly names that can be shortened to boyish nicknames.

    Marisa (pronounced Mar(ee)sa)

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    Okay, I'll do Ebony and Marisa. Ebony is a really cool color name! Awesome. Marisa is a very pretty spin on the classic Marissa.

    Abigail (nn Abby sometimes)
    Just a teenage writer with a fascination for names!

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    I love Abigail! Very classic and sweet. A "good girl" name for sure.

    Momma to Arthur Isaac 6-16-12

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    A classic, spunky name that will never go out of style, and can fit a variety of people.

    Reine (pronounced Rainy)
    ~lucy reine~
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    Reine is so beautiful and rare - know a few Rains but it sounds nicer with the extra syllable

    Maya (My-uh)
    Maya Lakshmi
    If I had a baby now it would be:
    Ottilie Melanie Beatrice or Piper Jesse Raymond Maxwell or Archer
    Some crushes: Romilly, Willa, Fiona, Bronwyn, Camilla, Lucia, Rosalind
    Maybe Middles for girlies: Illyria, Miriam, Lakshmi, Hermione
    And Guys: Casper, Timothy, Eliot, Theodore

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