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Thread: Advice Please!!

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    Molly Josephine is perfect, IMO.

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    I love Naomi and while it's a sweet, beautiful name, I seriously doubt that it'll be super popular. I really like Naomi Faith, nn Nao or Mimi or Mia. Or Nami.
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    I adore Molly! What a great, sweet, classic name!

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    I prefer the combo Molly Josephine over Naomi Faith, but I like Naomi as a fn more. If you could switch the middles to be Naomi Josephine--that would be the best choice, imo.

    I also like the suggestion of Naomi Josette.

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    I like Naomi Faith! I think the nicknames Nomi "noh-mee" and Mimi are cute. I know two Naomi's and I've heard their friends call them Nomi. {They don't know each other}

    I love the suggestion of Naomi Lark if you're looking for other middle names!
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