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Thread: Jane Caroline?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joyfulmomto8 View Post
    I have other daughters that do not have an s name Maggie is 19, Kelsey-Rose is 14, Emma is 11 and Mary-Elizabeth is 7.... So she would not be the only non s name...... But right now we do have three s names in a row.....
    In that case, I like Anna Caroline only because I think it flows better than Jane Caroline. But Jane Caroline is still a beautiful choice.
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    I agree with dindlee - your youngest daughter may end up wondering why she is the only one without an "S" name. My suggestions are: Seraphina or Susannah Jane OR Sylvia/Sylvie, Selah, or Stella Jane/Caroline.


    Sorry - you posted your other daughters' names while I was posting my "S" suggestions. In light of this information, I'm going to choose Olivia Jane. All of your daughters' names are beautiful, by the way!
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    Jane Caroline is stunning! Love it. I also love Anna Caroline, but Jane would be my choice.

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