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Thread: Please help

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    Dec 2012
    I like Rose Marie and Verity Jane.

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    If your last name ends with the sound "ee," I'd avoid Verity and Rosemarie. It might not flow very well when the middle name isn't there and most people will only be calling her by her first and last name.

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    May 2012
    I'd stick with a V name.
    So off your list Verity Jane would win.

    However I agree with Gabriela and the ee sound is not ideal in my book.
    Suggestions if your open to them:
    Vera Jane
    Versper/Vesta Marie
    Vita/Veda Jane
    proud of our little Lorelei (may 2016)

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    Verity Jane is sweet. Verity Love is too much with the word-names.
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    Rosemarie has always been my least favorite Rose name. Rose Marie is a little better. I actually really like Verity Jane, a lot! Verity Love sounds kinda cheesy (truth and love).
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