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    Thoughts on Leif??

    So I've had Leif rolling around in my head for quite some time and I've decided that it could be a possible first name for my son. I especially love that its a Norse name and it has a nature feel to it (because of its obvious closeness to the word leaf). I also like that it is familiar in the same way that Viggo is; heard of but not used. Theo and I also love the Leif Ericson connection. We also just love the history of the name itself. However we are still a bit iffy about it because we haven't really asked anyone we know about it yet.

    So I thought maybe you guys could give us a bit of feedback on Leif. Thanks!!

    PS: We will be using the Scandinavian pronunciation: Layff- if we use it.
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    I really love the name Leif, especially with that pronunciation.

    The only negative would be possibly being mispronounced as leaf, but I don't see that as a huge negative in the least since one correction would be a easy fix.
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    I like it. Although people will constantly say "leaf". It's a good name, but I'm drawn to nature names

    (Yes, I realise this is a Scandanavian name and not really a nature name!)
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    I really like Leif, for all of the reasons that you mentioned in your post.

    It's on my big list of names I like, but I can't use it since I already have a Leo.
    Leo & Leif are too similar looking/sounding for siblings.

    I'd love to meet a baby Leif
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    We know a little leith (rhymes with Keith) that looks less like, but sounds more like leaf.
    I prefur Leif though. I love the meaning behind it, and the pronouciation Layf is lovely.

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