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  • Felix Emmert

    56 75.68%
  • Lincold Emmert

    18 24.32%
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    Felix VS. Lincoln

    Which do you prefer? The middle name will be Emmert and our last name is two syllables beginning with R, so all three names will be two-syllables. I know this can sound a bit choppy, but my husband thinks it sounds strong.

    Felix Emmert or Lincoln Emmert

    And a related question? Kristin Bell just named her DAUGHTER Lincoln. I'm annoyed. Do you see this catching on or just being one celebrity situation?

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    Shot, I misspelled Lincoln in the poll. It should be Lincoln.

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    I prefer Lincoln, forget Kristen Bell. I think Lincoln Emmert (Emmert, or Emmett? I figured it was a typo, but you consistently spelled it Emmert, so I'm thinking it's supposed to be that?) is lovely.
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    Felix, I just adore Felix. (See signature if you have any questions about how much I love it.)
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    Love Felix! Lincoln will always be associated with President Abraham Lincoln in my book. By all means, it's not a negative association, but an association nonetheless.
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