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    Is Lyndon trendy?

    I'd like to name a son Lyndon in the future, but I'm worried it may be interpreted as trendy, with its Jaydon/Braydon sort of vibe and the "y" as a vowel. I feel like the Linden spelling is ok, but a little feminine. Any thoughts?

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    I wouldn't say it is trendy. I can see where you might worry about that with the "y" thing. But actually I think it is an underused classic.
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    It's absolutely trendy, and even though it was shared by a president the Lyndon spelling still looks kree8tiv. Linden, on the other hand, is a strong unisex choice, which I think leans more to the boys' side than the girls'.

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    It fits with the trends. I don't think it's made up sounding. I immediately thought of LBJ. I would really cool if I met a kid with this name. I am really liking it now, but am not likely to use it. Good Luck!
    PS The e spelling seems more trendy. Aidan was a classic name now often misspelt Aiden. It's Jayden in the top ten. It's Ayden/Braeden/Caden. I think all of the little boys I now have -en in the end, except for one -an. I prefer Lyndon.
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    Lyndon does look trendy because of the Y. Linden is unisex but it's leans masculine and is far more common for boys. I wouldn't be surprised if people assumed Lyndon was your attempt to feminize Linden- like Emmersyn or Madisyn.

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