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Thread: Births

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    Memphis Rain
    Arwin Soua Meng
    Jericho Robert
    Bryer Joe
    Ambrose Powell

    Rain Elizabeth
    Haven Mair
    Serendipity Joan - yay I love Serendipity! Finally it's been used.
    Afton Daisy
    Juniper Star-Lynn
    Journei Klover
    Briar Ann
    Tempest Athena

    Piper Jaydon
    Makana Gabriel
    Regan Allen
    Tatium Robert
    Maddison James
    Aubrey Bryan
    Casey Daniel
    Casey Jude
    Shannon Eric
    Valentine Bardomiano
    Hoku Lorenzo
    Loren Gunnar
    Kimball Tiberius

    Ellisyn Avery
    Charlie Cierra
    Macynn Lynn
    Kirklyn Abigail
    Charleston Faye
    Aubrey Promise
    Lucian Haufler
    Maddox Adelle
    Reed Elizabeth
    Rylee Ann
    Merit Primrose
    Elliot Grace
    Harper Ruth
    Kayden Kent
    Lohgan Quinn
    Skylar Orchid
    Presley Elaine
    Ryan Brooke
    Averie Jayde Nona
    Harlow Evelynn-Ann
    Addison Grace
    Brentley Michelle
    Jaxsin J Pamela
    Hunter Faith
    Talan Harper
    Easton Kaleigh
    Levy Grace
    Jordyn Brooke
    Remington Grace
    Brodie Dawn
    Ellis Imogene
    Collier Ellis
    Finley Grae
    Cooper Jacquline
    Quinn Bailey
    Bentley Lyn
    Aubrey Jane
    Parker Cate
    Blake Leigh
    Madden Gray
    Kyler Charnette
    Markell Rose
    Hadley Marie

    Atticus Finch - wow...yes really. Kind of awesome.
    Adonis Devon
    Braye Montana
    Creed Isaiah
    Alohi Kamuela
    Emerson Whitley
    Titan Atlas
    London Thomas
    Briar Nicholas
    Exodus-John Alec
    George Washington Alaneo
    Prince Isaiah
    Roux Rahiti
    Cebastian Daniel

    Rhyme Phoenix
    Scout Ellie
    Clover Vanille
    Sunshine Destiny
    Bowie Paz
    Bay Makena
    Timber Jean
    Dallis Kenzi
    Dymen Faye-Lynn June
    Juniper Nora
    Summer Raven
    Boelen Joy
    Ryze Hulali
    Aurora Styrling
    Brooklyn Anastasia and London Alexandra [twins]

    Endsley G.
    Harley-Quinn M.
    Shiloh J.
    Aerious S.
    Lovely C.
    Cree J.

    Stone Laflin
    Steele Derrik
    Clyde Cecil
    River James
    Aero Christian
    Breken Brooklyn
    Hickory James
    Arizona Pressley - YAY I LOVE Arizona on a boy!
    Israel Jacob
    Damon Sidney
    Haven Isaiah
    Rock Thomas
    Raylin Colton
    Anakin Cory
    Aurelius Sesul

    Evelynn Couture
    Joplyn Anngelika
    Fern Atley
    Paris Night
    Harmione Cathryn
    Xoe Fern
    Clover Meadow
    Marie Bernadette
    Brindle Paige
    Lark Marie
    Rogue Lollita
    Ever Adelyn
    Journey Briella Virginia
    Journey Lynn
    Meadow Snow
    Stormm Elizabeth
    Kreyton Marie
    Belle Caroline
    Violet Unity
    Hannah Spring
    Chloe Spring
    Temperance Isabella
    Blossom Rain
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    Could you put this in some sort of context for us? Are these birth announcements in your local area?
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    I'm curious about the context as well, but I gotta say that Hoku Lorenzo really stood out to me. Very interesting!

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    There were a few Hawaiian names. I usually hear Alohi on girls and part of a longer name, like Alohilani. Interesting to see it on a girl. Same with Hoku. I like it though. Most Hawaiian names are traditionally unisex, but many parents have been applying Western POVs on gender to naming their child. Like Hoku (meaning star) is usually given to girls these days because star seen as more of a feminine meaning. I actually don't think I've ever seen it on a boy before. Also, George Washington was an interesting choice.

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    No these are taken fro mall over the online birth announcements fro mall over different states
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