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    Forblaith- is this a real name?

    I heard the name Forblaith somewhere a few days ago (unfortunately I can't remember where now!) and it's been on my mind. Is it even a real name? Do you think it's better for a boy or girl? And most of all- how do you pronounce it? It has the same ending as Orflaith so I could see it being "fore-lah" or "forb-lah" but "fore-blayth" also seems to make sense. I have a Canadian accent if it makes a difference in pronunciation. There's also Forlaith- how is that pronounced?

    Do you like Forblaith (and Forlaith)?
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    No. Not to my knowledge. If anything it'll be a surname.

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    From some quick googling, it appears to be an old female Irish name. Variants of it that I could find include Florbfhlaith and Old Norse forms Hvarflo, Hvarflada, and Hvarflǫð. I would pronounce it "forb-lah."

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