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    Finding names or name that go with Lydia

    We have decided on Lydia for a name for our girl. We do not plan on calling her Lydia as one of our 3 girls happens to be Olivia. We are honoring a Grandmother and I happen to love the name, the name is set. Trying to find a name that sounds elegant with an unusual nickname. I love long names and am thinking of either a long middle or two shorter middle names. Please give suggestions on names if you have any and please tell me your opinions on these names. I would love some ideas.

    Lydia Katherine Adelle Cotton......We would call her Adelia (Ad e lie a)
    Lydia Katherine Odelle Cottton.....Odessa
    Lydia Katherine Adaire Cotton........?
    Lydia Anneliese Cotton................Naliese
    Lydia Aislynn Cotton..................Aislyn

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    Lydia Katherine Adele - Linka or Lina
    Lydia Katriel - Lielle
    Lydia Anneliese - Liesl or Liese
    Lydia Angelique - Lyli
    Lydia Wilhelmina - Lemon (so cute!)
    Lydia Aveline - Leline
    Lydia Elaine - Lelaina

    I love Lydia, congrats!
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    I don't understand why you can't call her Lydia. Olivia and Lydia are beautiful as sisters, and I've seen the pairing twice in real life.

    Lydia Katherine Adelle is my favorite choice.
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    Well we call our daughter Livia which is a little closer to Lydia. She has more of a problem with it than we do

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    I'd go with nn Ada with Adair middle or Aria.

    Lydia Katherine Auden nn Kadie
    Lydia Anneliese Neve nn Nelle
    Lydia Katherine Othella nn Thea or Coco
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