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Thread: Petal

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    Question Petal

    Hmmm... stumbled across the name Petal in a news story and it intrigued me. I normally don't like that type of name, but I find this one oddly enchanting. Do you like this name? Would you use it, even if you typically prefer more traditional names?
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    I find it quite whimsical, and think it would make a cute middle name, like Alice Petal or Emmeline Petal. However, I prefer other word names and don't think I would use Petal.
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    I think it's cute, and I do picture Petal Blossom Rainbow's sweet face when I hear it, which makes the name irresistible. I say yes!
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    I agree that it would be most usable as a middle. It's very sweet and whimsical, but has a very "new-age" or hippy vibe to it also which makes me hesitate on considering it as a real first.
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    I think it's sweet on paper. Depending on the country/speaker, it can come out like "pedal" though, which a far less attractive word name!

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