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    I voted yes because I couldn't do it. They aren't that "old time" of a celebrity couple really. Plus just over the past few months it has been all over the news because there was new evidence found (a witness I think) that implicates him in the drowning death.

    It was a big news story when Natalie Wood died (1981) and it's still a big news story now when there is new info on it. That is enough for it to bother me.

    That being said if it wouldn't bother you to know all of that and to have people figure it out and mention it on their own... then use the name.
    My mother was going to name me Natalie until the nurse pointed out that our last name was Wood. I have considered it for the daughter we are expecting now. It's a lovely name.

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    Don't worry about it...but like PP said, if it nags at you, then you might want to avoid it. Personally, I wouldn't think it should matter. They are both common names anyway.

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    I wouldn't think of that story at all. If you love the name use it, but you know yourself best and if it's going to continue to bother you, then don't.

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    Almost any combination of common names are going to have something connected with them somewhere in history. I wouldn't worry about it. It's not current news--no Brad and Angelina. And it's not well known enough to really raise eyebrows--Romeo and Juliet.
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    The names Robert and Natalie are common enough that I wouldn't make an association. I think most people would react similarly. So no worries!

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