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Thread: Isla and...

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    Isla and...

    Hi everyone,
    Husband and I are currently TTC with baby #2. We have a 3 year old girl, Isla Harper. At the moment I'm loving Margot Emeline, and Norah Emeline for a girl, and husband loves Jules Nathaniel for a boy. Are Norah and Isla too matchy? Do Isla and Margot sound good together? Is Jules too nicknamy? I don't mind Julian, but husband likes just Jules. Help? Thanks!

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    I really like both Margo and Nora (prefer it without the h). Both go well with Isla. I do not think Nora is at all matchy with Isla. I do not like the middle name Emeline however, as names beginning with Em and names ending with - line both seem a bit overdone. Also, Emeline strikes me as very different than Harper.

    Jules strikes me as a girls name because of I have know three girls/women who use that as a nickname for Julia or Juliana. I do think Julian or Jude would work better than Jules for a boy.
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    My Nana is an Emily, so wanted to honour her name in some way, so thought Emeline/emmeline would be nice. Also Isla's middle name is a nod to Harper Lee, and thought Emmeline would be a great reference to another strong lady, Emmeline Pankhurst. My husband is a big sci Fi fan, hence Jules (Jules Verne). Nathaniel is a family name, as is Margot (kind of, Margaret). I would prefer Julian though. Thanks for your feedback! Was worried about Norah and Isla sounding too similar...

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    I like Norah and Isla together - I don't think they are too similar. Norah Emeline or even Norah Emily are both very pretty.
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