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    Personally, the only one I wouldn't use is Eugene--just because I find it ugly.

    I really like Phillip, and names like Richard and Robert will never go out of style.

    Phillip Harley or Phillip Glenn would be my choices.
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    Victor, Philip, and Harlan (Ellison!) are strong, masculine classics that will never go out of style. I personally LOVE 'W' names. Wallace, Walter, Waldo, and Walden are all fantastic choices.
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    Glenn - not ready for a comeback, in my opinion, but I can see logic to the contrary. It feels at once stuffy and dorky.
    Victor - I know one that makes me dislike the name, but trying to be objective I can see the appeal. It's fresh.
    Phillip - This one doesn't even feel dated, just stodgy and trying-too-hard.
    Robert - not ready. Give it another 15 years.
    Harlen or Harley - I like Harlen, but it would be confused with Harlem. Harley is cute, for a pet,
    Eugene - not ready, perhaps never ready.
    Richard - I don't think it's dated, just unappealing.
    Wally - I really like Walter nn Walt. LOST helped bring this one into the present for me. I know a 20-something Wally and I honestly feel like the name is too cartoonish for an adult to wear.

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    Love Phillip nn Pip! I also really like Victor and Walter nn Wally. I'm not really a fan of the others.

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    Victor and Phillip are great for a first name. Harlen, Eugene and Richard are great for middle names.
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