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    I think Alex and Daniel work fine with Charlie and Sam. Nathaniel does seem a little long compared to the others but the style is basically the same. Would you consider Nathan or Nate?

    Some suggestions:
    Charlie, Sam & Hank (Hank can be a nn for Henry or stand on it's own)
    Charlie, Sam & Toby (Love this! but i'm not really fond of the longer forms - Tobias, Tobiah or Tobin.)
    Charlie, Sam & Abe (or Abram)
    Charlie, Sam & Leo (It can be short for Leonardo, Leonard, or Leopold but it's definitely used on it's own.)
    Charlie, Sam & Luke (A lot of people named Lucas, Lucius, Lucian end up using Luke anyway - I know a few.)
    Charlie, Sam & Reed (Not a nn but short and sweet like the other two.)
    Charlie, Sam & Liam (Some use it as a nn for William but I've seen people use just Liam as a FN.)

    All of the girls names work very well with Charlie and Sam. My favorites are Isla, Iris, and Harriet nn Hattie. I think it's fine to give a girl a longer FN.
    Honor Names:
    Girls: Bernice (Nixie), Glennora/Glenrose (Glennie), Harliana/Harlea, Ismay/May, Lillian, Rosemarie, Ruby
    Boys: Alden, Davis, Euan, Harley, Rudy

    Other Favorites: Carolina, Emmelina, Josephine; August, Jasper, Oliver
    GPs: Blossom, Emerald, Esmeralda, Lovisa, November, Wallis

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