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    Meaningful Names (help!)

    I'm looking for meaningful names for a baby girl that dont sound too teen mom-y (I'm 17).
    Some first names that I have liked are
    And Carolina.

    Some middle names I have liked are
    And Blaze.

    Aside from being meaningful, I also have a thing for names more on the badass side. Haha (:

    I'm open to all suggestions, and last name will be Ross.
    Thanks! -Suzi

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    Can you say more about the "meaningful" part? Are the names on your list meaningful, or do they just sound nice to you?
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    Beatrix * Benjamin * Blythe * Bronwyn * Caleb * Eamon * Elliott * Emmett * Hazel * Imogen * Isaac
    Linnea * Lorelei * Maeve * Maren * Owen * Phoebe * Reuben * Saul * Silas * Siobhan * Sylvie * Willa

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    No, the names on my list are not meaningful, that's just the general sound/style I like. I also like modern mythological names if that helps

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    I'm confused. Do you want names that are meaningful to you personally (maybe that reference a favorite relative, place, book, etc.)? Or names with a particular meaning (strong, beautiful, happy, loved, etc.)?
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    I like Carolina best...but not with any of your middle name choices, however.
    How about...
    Carolina Joan
    Carolina Blythe
    Carolina Jane

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