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    Piper is a great option and I really like Clio.

    The suggestions of Harper, Edie, Romy, Georgia, Nina, Beatrix, Mitilda(Mattie or Tilly), Blythe, Liv, Coco, Ruby, Eliza, Quinn, and Lola all strike me as perfect.

    I think Eden or Edith with the nickname Edie would be an absolutely fantastic option for you. Edith and Eden are both beautiful names with a little spunk/flair that I would definitely consider sweet. And Edie is a wonderful nickname that really packs a little punch. It's probably my favorite option for you.

    Evie is another great choice. It could be a stand alone name or a nickname for Eve, Evelyn, Evangeline, Genevieve, Everly, etc.

    Lola is great and can also be a stand alone name or a nickname for something like Charlotte or Delores.

    If you want a unisex feel something like Reese, Laine, Harper, Indie, Kennedy, Quinn, Austen, or Monroe would all totally work.

    Shorter names like Ivy, Lark, Pearl, Rory, Wren, Maeve, Dixie, Hazel, Olive, Iris, and Isla all tend to feel a bit spunky to me, while still maintaining sweetness.

    I think Viva definitely feels spunky.

    Clover and Juniper have a really great sweet but spunky vibe.
    Girls- Winter, Eden, Colette, River, Charlotte.
    Boys- Atticus, Eliot, Milo, Gideon, Malcolm.

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