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Thread: The street BNG!

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    The street BNG!

    House No 1
    Grandmother: (68)
    Grandfather: (73)
    Mum: (35)
    Daughter: (8)

    House No 2
    Mum: (18)
    Dad: (17)
    Son: (1)

    House No 3
    Mum: (43)
    Daughter: (19)

    House No 4
    Step-Grandmother: (54)
    Step-Dad: (23)
    Mum: (26)
    Son: (6)

    House No 5
    Dad: (30)
    --- Daughter: (6months)
    Mother: (29)
    ---Daughter: (2years 2months)
    * Married after both children were born both have full custody.

    House No 6
    Mum: (50)
    ---Boyfriend: (45)
    ---Adopted daughter:
    Son: (25)
    --- Girlfriend:
    ---unborn baby boy: chose name

    Pick a family and write a short paragraph.
    Heidi Amelia| Joel Dashiel| Lydia Briar| Elijah Peter| Lucy Colette| Carson Dale| Melissa Jasmine| Thomas Flynn| Zoe Belle| Jamie Christopher| Lilo Claire.

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    House #1
    GM (68): Lisa Betty Hamilton
    GF (73): Arthur Henry Hamilton "Art"
    DD (35): Wendy Raquel Hamilton
    DD (8): Anna Claire Hamilton

    House #2
    DW (18): Ellie Kate *Moore* Stark
    DH (17): Logan Miller Stark
    DS (1): Jonah Gideon Stark

    House #3
    Dmom (43): Patricia Alice Roberts "Patti"
    DD (19): Emma Charlotte Roberts

    House #4
    SGM (54): Barbara Nancy *Cooke* Anderson
    DSdad (23): Christopher David Anderson "Chris"
    DW (26): Laila Kendall *Renner* Anderson
    DS (6): Maxwell Alexander Renner "Max"

    House #5
    Ddad (30): Craig Lee Hayes
    DD (6mo): Adelaide Marie Hayes "Addie"
    Dmom (29): Nora Quinn *Morris* Hayes
    DD (2): Anya Hope Morris

    House #6
    Dmom (50): Martha Irene Jones
    BF (45): Thomas Peter Atkins "Tom"
    DD (12): Savannah Greer Atkins
    DS (25): William Alexander Jones "Will"
    GF (22): Emily Olivia Reed
    ExpDD (31wks): Piper Claire Jones

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    House No 1
    Grandmother: Eliza Chavelle (68)
    Grandfather: George Duncan (73)
    Mum: Corinna Dionne (35)
    Daughter: Tillie Frances (8)

    House No 2
    Mum: Pippa Nell (18)
    Dad: Truman Slater (17)
    Son: Jonah Levi (1)

    House No 3
    Mum: Diana Margaret (43)
    Daughter: Henrietta Astrid *Etta* (19)

    House No 4
    Step-Grandmother: Beth Pamela (54)
    Step-Dad: Samuel Benjamin *Sam* (23)
    Mum: Kendra Brielle (26)
    Son: Maxwell Bronx *Max* (6)

    House No 5
    Dad: John Raymond (30)
    --- Daughter: Aurora Snow *Rori* (6months)
    Mother: Phoebe London (29)
    ---Daughter: Annalie Hope *Annie* (2years 2months)
    * Married after both children were born both have full custody.

    House No 6
    Mum: Grace Constance (50)
    ---Boyfriend: Nathan Isaac (45)
    ---Adopted daughter: Stella Faye
    Son: Lucas Gabriel *Luke* (25)
    --- Girlfriend: Esme Alcott
    ---unborn baby boy: Solomon Jude *Solo*
    Current Favorites:
    Bay, Isabeau *Iso*, Lux, Phoebe, Vada
    Barrett, Grayer, Judson, Rockwell *Wells*, Solomon *Solo*

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    Although, it says write I short paragraph, I'll just name the families...

    House 1
    GM: Alzbet Ysabel-68
    GF: Stanley Anton-73
    DW: Angelique Louisa-8

    House 2
    DW: Sasha Mamie-18
    DH: Carter Preston-17
    DS: Tobias Josiah-1

    House 3
    DW: Luisa Olivia-42
    DD: Anastasia Ninette-19

    House 4
    SGM: Bonnie Denise-54
    SDH: Ethan Alexander
    DW: Milania Brielle-26
    DS: Maximilian Xander-6

    House 5
    DH: Monty Scott-30
    DD: Esmerelda Belle-6 mos
    DW: Arabella London-29
    DD: Annalie Bianca ( 2.2 yrs)

    House 6

    DW: Constance Clare-50
    BF: Malachi Ezra-45
    ADD: Delilah Audrey-7
    DS: Alexios Nikolai-25
    GF: Emilia Inez-23
    unborn boy: Valentin Casimir
    My favs: GIRLS:Nadia, Oceana, Ceraphina, Hania, Sasha, Natalia, Gavrielle, Inez, Azaleigha, Arabella

    BOYS: Blaize, Caspian, Silas, Lysander/Lyzander, Marcos, Emileo, Tru, Zaccheus, Tobias, Syre, Josiah, Sebastion

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