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    Xi'An, China
    INTJ Anthropologist Living in the centre of China, married to a Persian, and just enjoying a completely unpredictable life

    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 7/14

    Raphael Kaveh, Soren Pasha, Caspian Bardia
    Beatrice Tamineh, Viola Katayoun

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    How about Roman? It's a very masculine and handsome name. :-)

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    Thanks for all the names!! Umm, where to start??..Cormac Laif is one of my top choices. I'm defiantly saving River for my girl (if God gives me one) I like Caspian too, Castor sounds more me though ha, And instead of Sullivan nn Sully if I don't name my first son Sully just Sully I will the next I like Forrest, Stanton and Everest. And of coarse my Maverick

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