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    Grace Evangeline is my favourite combo but I like Charlotte the most.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Charlotte Grace is my favorite, with Grace Evangeline as my second choice. I think Charlotte Dubeau or Grace Dubeau would be lovely! I like Grace more with your surname (and the combo Grace Evangeline!), but I prefer Charlotte for a FN, so that got my vote. Either would be lovely, though!
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    Grace Evangeline is stunning and more unexpected than the other two combos... I love nn Gracie! Grace is so overused in the middle spot. I really like the sound if Alice Evangeline too.... Charlotte just bores me a little these days pretty as it is... I agree with pp it's totally overdone... And Charlotte Grace is pretty but I'm pretty sure there's loads of the out there!

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    Thanks for your comments everyone! It's good to know what people think. Grace isn't a must in the combos, just something that sounds pretty I guess. Also liking the Alice Evangeline suggestion... Thanks!!

    Paw: I'm interested to know what your name is now that I've read your quote
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