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    Ramona- I love Ramona, but I don't know if I love it because of the Ramona Quimby association or for itself. I hate the nn Mona.
    Lucille- Lucille is nice. It's nms, but I see the appeal.
    Bridget- I think you have some better names on your list. Bridget seems so dated to me.
    Norah- I think Nora/h is an elegant name. It's simple yet sophisticated. It's nms, but I think it's pretty.
    Eleanor- I love Eleanor. It's just a great, classic name. I also love Lenore.
    Eleanora- I don't like it. I prefer Eleanor or Lenora.
    Dorothy- I love, love, love Dorothy. I would love to see it make a comeback. Dot is a great nickname.
    Beatrix- Beautiful and clunky. I love it.
    Neila- I don't like this one at all. You have so many better names on your list. It looks like Neil with an "a" tacked on the end.
    Fiona- One of my favorites.
    Valentina- I think it's a little too fancy. I kind of hate it. Sorry.

    How do you feel about Petra or Lucinda?
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    Ramona - I LOVE this. It's so perfect.
    Lucille - Very delicate and French sounding, probably my favourite Lucy- name.
    Bridget - I like this a lot. I'm not sure how I feel about Bridget and Josef.
    Norah - I see the appeal but it doesn't do much for me.
    Eleanor - It's alright. NB seem to love this, but I know lots of girls with this name so it's just a bit uninspiring to me. With Josef I think Elena works a lot better.
    Eleanora - Pretty, but I don't have very strong feelings either way.
    Dorothy - Dorothy is so gorgeous and old-lady it melts my heart.
    Beatrix - Beatrix and Josef are brilliant together. I love the Beatrix Potter association, and it just sounds so fun.
    Neila - This is lovely - I've never heard it before but I like it.
    Fiona - see Eleanor.
    Valentina - It's very pretty. I loved it for a while after meeting the sweetest Italian girl named Valentina. But I sort of feel it's edging on *overly* feminine, even for me.

    Ramona and Beatrix win by a mile for me.
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    I love Ramona and Eleanor. I like Beatrix, but like Beatrice even more.

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    Ramona: I LOVE this name so much! I get a lot of negative comments though. I don't know why; I guess it's not their style.
    Lucille: Beautiful
    Bridget: I strongly dislike this name ever since Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants came out.
    Norah: Cute
    Eleanor: I think this is a great name.
    Eleanora: Elegant and beautiful
    Dorothy: NMS, it's too old fashioned for me.
    Beatrix: I like this.
    Neila: I'm not sure about the pronouciation. That's probably the downfall of this name. It looks pretty though
    Fiona: Adore this one!
    Valentina: Very cute

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    Quote Originally Posted by backtomyroots View Post
    My husband and I are (still) TTC and I am OBSESSED with names! It took us almost the entire 9 months of my pregnancy with my son to come up with 2 names that we liked... and the girls name we had chosen (before we found out the sex) I no longer like!

    Here is my list... what do you think? Any additional suggestions?

    *new addition to list... Valentina

    My husband is hispanic and I am of russian and irish background!
    It would seem we have similar taste in girls names as a lot of these are on my list for the next bub (at least 2 years away - but hey planning is good)
    Love , love love
    Dorothy- nn Dolly is the cutest
    Eleanor/Eleanora - nn Nora - fab
    Beatrice is on my list

    Do you like?
    Regina - nn Queenie?
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