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Thread: Rory for a girl

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    Rory for a girl

    I've been watching Gilmore Girls lately (man do I ever get name inspiration from shows) but it's struck me how much I LOVE the name Rory! I know it's traditionally a boy's name, but I've always thought it sounds pretty girly, even though I know a male Rory. I think it fits in super well with the unisex trend - it would be very spunky on a little girl, imo.

    Wdyt? And what full names do you like for it, aside from Lorelai/Lorelei and Aurora? Do you think Lorelai nn Rory will always be too "Gilmore Girls"? Or do you just like it on its own?
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    I haven't ever seen the Gilmore Girls so it has no association for me.
    Rory seems very possible- especially as a nn for a longer girly name like Aurora.
    As I think and type... I like it more and more. Very cute!

    Not a fan of Lorelai myself.

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    I like Rory as a nickname for a girl, a lot. Lorelai nn Rory is very Gilmore Girlish, but hardly anyone will care.

    I like Aurora nn Rory most though.
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    I think Rosemary can work as a full name for nickname Rory! I've never seen Gilmore Girls, so I don't know if Lorelai nn Rory is Gilmore Girlish, but I'm not a fan of Lorelai. Good luck!
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    I think rory is nice for a girl and it doesn't really make me think of that show
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