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Thread: Fairy names?

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    Red face Fairy names?

    I like fairies, a matter of fact, I adore and love them! And I have, 10-11 of them in my head. All girls (sorry, I don't really have a real picture of them yet), and I thought what would good names be to these little winged girls, but I'm out ideas.
    - They are not going to be named after Water, Earth, Wind, Fire and Spirit. Their names can have something to do with the nature, but I don't like the concept of naming them after their colours. ._.

    There is a light blue, who is sitting on some sort of mushroom with brown-blondish coloured hair and looks very innocent. I thought about something like, Slate or Sable ?
    I got a black, shadowish girl, who is missing a finger, on the ... left hand. she is carrying a crystall ball. Her wings glow a weirdish green in the dark. I don't have any ideas for names to her.
    Then I got a green, shimmering one, with brown hair and seems to be quite thoughtfull. Quill or Sage, was in my mind for her.
    I got two, who looks like siblings. They are both blonde, is wearing pink and is very lovely and could easily be Freja and Aphrodite. I'm not quite sure those name would work on them, since they are fairies and not Mytology Gods.
    I got a girl with a mask, dark and orange mask and her long hair is up in the air, as if the wind had blown it up. I think of her as a powerful fairy, but I can't come up with a good name for her.
    Then there is the Majestic one, her pose is tall and firm, with the brown hair blowing in the wind and has a leaders look. No name ideas.
    I got a lil' one, dressed in trefoil/clovers and is sitting on a crystal ball, watching over the others. Her hair is a little reddish and she reminds me of a Ginny or Ginger.
    The last, finally, is having large wings, to hold up a mirror and she is purple. Her hair is a washed out brown.

    I hope this helps a little, and I'm sorry there isn't more names or details about them. D:
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    Fairies, okay...I'll start with generic nature names which may be what your looking for:

    Now some more direct ones for the fairies you listed:
    Innocent mushroom: Fong
    Shadowy fairy: Fae, Kagerou, Yvonne
    Green shimmer: Kana/Cana
    The twin fairies: Ada & Arbor, Orlena & Renate
    Mask fairy: Aki, Qui, Octavia
    Majestic fairy: Oakley/Oakleigh
    Crystalball sitter: Bijou, Tarot

    Hope it helps, Going_Merry.

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    I like Sable, Quill, and Ginger. Freja and Aphrodite are too..previously owned to be used imo.

    Here is a site where you can make your own fairy a la Tinkerbell style:
    They also have one that's based on creating elementals:

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    I'm not really fond of the Tinkerbell Fairies, since they're already occupied. ^^

    I love the names Ada and Arbor for the twins! I can see the "little one" being an Ada! Arbor is just a little harsh name, so it's going to the other, but I think that'll fit great to 'em.
    Fae or Kagerou is on my thoughtlist. Yvonne, I hate, since I know plenty of them who are talk heads. >w<
    Kana could easily be her name, but Gaia too..?
    I need to think of the rest of the names. ^^
    Proud Auntie/cousin to;
    Noah (29-5-10), Silke (23-8-11), Sophia (18-11-11), Victoria (13-8-13) & little Alex (18-12-14)

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