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    What do you think? New boy's list

    These are just some names I've been thinking a lot about recently. None of them are favourites yet I'm just after some feedback:

    Thoreau (too pretentious?)
    Indigo (this, and plenty of other word/nature names, is only listed as a female name on Nameberry which seems ridiculous to me)
    Cricket (see Indigo)

    As a whole, they make better middle name material, but there are a few I'd definitely use in the first spot.
    What do you think?
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    old loves, future darlings and seasonal favourites;
    Agnes Saffron
    Margaret Caprice
    Billie Estella
    Eilidh Georgia
    Annabel Briar
    Rosemary Twila ''Romy''
    Betsy Iseabail

    Amias Alec ''Ammi''
    Ossian Jack
    Wilbur Eoghan
    Emmett Baez
    Rufus Emin
    Virgil Caspian
    Wilfred Leander

    (olivia, eighteen, england)

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    Oberon - I love this very much. It's mysterious and sexy, maybe a little much for a baby but you could call him Obie or Ron.
    Alder - I love alder trees, they're amazing and magical and beautiful. So the name, naturally, is a big love of mine.
    Roscoe - Simply cool! Have you heard the Midlake song? It rocks! The name makes me think of knights and shining armour.
    Iolo - Not too fond of this.
    Atlas - One of the mythology names I can't get behind. He was punished to forever bear the heavens on his shoulders! Just cruel.
    Cosmo - I love Cosmo, and Italian Cosmio as well. A lot of people will associate it with Seinfeld, but that's not a bad thing.
    Herbie - As a short for Herbert, sure.
    Thoreau (too pretentious?) - I don't think so. I love Thoreau!
    Gaius - Swoon... Gaius is so so good. I think Caius is more wearable though... I love Gaius but this is one name where the teasing potential is too obvious.
    Cyril - Nice one, I like it very much.
    Indigo - Just as much a boy name as a girl name, it's very nice. There was a scary character on a kid's show I watched when I was little bearing this name.
    Orson - Beautiful, I slightly prefer Italian Orsino, but both are wonderful. Bear cub! Orson Welles! And the constellations...
    River - I like it very much, but very tied to the late Mr. Phoenix.
    Digby - Just so you know, this is a very common dog name (dachshunds)
    Memphis - No, please don't.
    Cricket - It's cute, I think most men would hate being named after this little insect or the sport.
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    I sorted them into likes and dislikes


    Oberon - bit much for a wee baby but magical all the same
    Alder - I'm liking this one more and more
    Roscoe - one of my GPs! I think of it as a cheeky, rough-and-tumble name, probably because it reminds me of 'rascal'
    Cosmo - love it. I can imagine a crazy little Cosmo running around!
    Herbie - lovely. Like Herbert more though.
    Cyril - I'm torn on this one. I do like it, but it reminds me of Cyril Sneer
    Indigo - love love love. Always felt this name was more male anyway. And I love Inigo too


    Iolo - pronunciation issues. I'm tempted to say 'yo-lo', like the annoying teen craze.
    Atlas - not a fan
    Gaius - yeah, massive teasing potential Children can be cruel.
    Thoreau - I just don't like it. I like Thor and most -eau names, but they're just not working together IMO.
    Orson - I've been watching too much Desperate Housewives. Bree's hubby isn't a good association for me.
    River - I've never liked this name. River is still very much a geographical feature in my head.
    Digby - Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar?! Do you like Digory at all?
    Memphis - Not keen on most place names.
    Cricket - My favourite sport EVER! But just not a baby name

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    Hi Oliviasarah, you have some interesting "new loves" on your list. I've bolded my faves.

    Oberon - I like this name but I have a soft spot for the Auberon spelling for some reason.

    Alder - An underused tree name.

    Roscoe - spunky and rakish. I also like Pascoe (aka Dalziel and Pascoe detective series).

    Iolo - I love this Welsh name (yo-lo) but would there be pronunciation problems where you live?

    Atlas - I read too many of these books in geography class to seriously think of it as a name.

    Cosmo - There was a zany character called Cosmo Kramer on the Seinfeld show here in North America. There was also a book serious called "Cosmo the Dodo Bird". And of course the ladies mag, Cosmopolitan (aka Cosmo).

    Herbie - cartoon car "Herbie the Love Bug". Too cutesy.

    Thoreau - a quirky mn choice

    Gaius - I think Caius would cut down on the "gay" issue. I pronounce it "guy-is" but some people may say it "gay-is".

    Cyril - an old saints name - underused and unappreciated. A softer boys name.

    Indigo -Better in the middle spot for either gender. In Canada, Chapters Indigo is a major book chain store.

    Orson - Love this name. Strong and masculine and a rare "son" name.

    River - Not my style

    Digby - I always thought this name is good for any terrier dog breed - they like to dig up gardens!

    Memphis - unless you have a connection to the place (Egypt or Tennessee), I wouldn't use it.

    Cricket (see Indigo) - Too cute for a grown man. It's used as a girls nn for Christine in the US TV soap opera.
    All the best,

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    Oberon - Sounds strong and handsome, definitely unique but not my style
    Alder - I'd prefer Aldin because this might get confused with Elder. I wouldn't want him sounding old lol
    Roscoe - Makes me think of a dog, or a tough country guy. But I think it's cute. What about Rocco?
    Iolo - I like it in theory, but I think it'd be hard to live with. Nobody'd ever spell or say it right.
    Atlas - I see the appeal... but I think it's a bit odd for a name.
    Cosmo - Used to like this, but now its too floaty and mystical for me.
    Herbie - Definitely not. Herb or Herbert are not any better.
    Thoreau (too pretentious?) - Yes, but it's handsome.
    Gaius - I prefer Caius.
    Cyril - Mm... no, don't like it. Not a fan of the Cy names.
    Indigo - I agree that this should be male. Its nice.
    Orson - Strong and handsome
    River - I do tend to like this on boys, but i'd probably never use it.
    Digby - Not a fan
    Memphis - Only if the city means something to ya. Sounds kinda silly to me.
    Cricket (see Indigo) - Cute for a nickname for a girl. I don't think it's a good name for a boy.
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