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Thread: Booker & Ferris

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    I love Booker. I think of Booker T. Washington. I have never heard of the wrestler. As for Ferris, I am not particularly fond of it and I do associate it with the movie. Booker and Phineas are nice together.

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    I agree that Booker is great, not too trendy. Like the Booker T. Washington reference, like the nn Book.

    Ferris...I mean, I think of Edward Ferrars (which was pretty much pronounced Ferris) from Sense and Sensibility, but I know that won't be most people's first thought. I guess I feel ambivalent about Ferris. There are lots of F names I'd rather use: Fletcher, Fielder or Fielding, Fifer, Ford, Foster, Frost, etc.

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    I really loved Booker, until my sister mentioned that it sounds like booger That might be a stretch, but now I can't shake it, sorry!
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    Sorry, I really don't like either.

    I'm not a fan of surname/occupation names and I do just immediately think of Bueller when I hear Ferris.

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    I've known a Ferris spelled Pharis (I think). Spelled differently it didn't make me think of Ferris Bueller at all. I like the sound of it though. Booker is cute too.

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