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    What about Danica Georgina nn Danica Gina?
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Danica is gorgeous, I much prefer it to Adelynn, which just looks really trendy to me. I agree with others that Danica Jean has a much better flow than Danica Gina, especially with an -a ending surname.

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    I agree with the others about Danica.
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    Danica by a long shot. Adelynn is too trendy for my tastes, thanks to it's "Addie" nickname, and very popular "lynn" ending.

    Danica is underused beautiful gem of a name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpeacelove View Post
    Danica for sure, but I like Danica Jean better than Danica Gina because its too rhyme-y especially with the last name.
    I agree with sweetpeacelove.

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