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    Adelynn or Danica?? A quick poll

    Please, help me make up my mind, Adelynn Jean or Danica Gina. Daughter #1 is named Lilyana Olivia. I have a four sylabol Italian last name that ends with an A. I am open to alternative ideas.
    Thank you!

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    Clear winner: Danica (but with a different middle name). Give your daughter a gorgeous name that is different than the others in her class. There will be a million Addie's to contend with.

    Danica Autumn
    Danica Isobel
    Danica Roslyn
    Danica Amelie
    Danica Renee

    Please do not give your daughter a first name, middle name, and last name that all end in "A."
    Happily married and expecting our first cutie pie, a baby boy, in the beginning of February.

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    Danica for sure, but I like Danica Jean better than Danica Gina because its too rhyme-y especially with the last name.

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    Danica or Danika i prefer. Jean is better than Gina for a middle name
    How about Danica Adelaide (to sound like Adelynn)?
    or Danica Adele?

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    Danica Gina for sure
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