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    LN: Walker

    DH: Emmett Elias
    DW: Adelaide Rose

    Their children & children in laws

    Son #1: Adam Nicholas
    His wife: Charlotte Nichole
    Their Kids:
    Ivy Juliette
    Hudson Elliot
    Rose Charity

    Daughter #1: Ava Grace
    Her husband: Miles Jackson
    Their Kids:
    Avery Lila & Asher Levi
    Alexa Madison
    Azaiah Jackson

    Daughter #2: Eden Sophia
    Her husband: Cooper Ashe
    Their Kids:
    Gunner Macon
    Levi Miles

    Son #2: Shane Hunter
    His wife: Elizabeth Anne
    Their Kids:
    Sadie Addison
    Eve Phoenix
    Leilani Charlotte

    Son #3: Callum Rhys
    His wife: Lily Giselle
    Their Kids:
    Ethan James
    Arabella Jade
    Emmett Jace & Elliott Jerrod
    Anaelle Josephine

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    LN: Andrews

    DH: Samuel Archibald
    DW: Eleanor Margaret

    DS1: Hugh Samuel
    -DW: Charlotte Alexandra
    --dd1: Iris Eleanora
    --ds: Caspian Jude
    --dd2: Poppy Lavinia

    DD1: Clara Mae
    -DH: Elton Louis Duran
    --ds1/dd1: Anderson Ray & Annabel Mamie
    --dd2: Beatrix Lola
    --ds2: Crispin Eli

    DD2: Arabella Scarlett
    -DH: Orlando Frazier West
    --ds1: Hunter Rhett
    --ds2: Max Alonzo

    DS2: Luke Otis
    -DW: Sarah Philippa
    --dd1: Rosanna ElizabethSadie
    --dd2: Tabitha Wren
    --dd3: Allegra Margaret

    DS3: Jasper Archie
    -DW: Petra Lily
    --ds1: Samuel James
    --dd1: Lily Peridot
    --ds2/ds3: Charlie Flint & Mason Heath
    --dd2: Elodie Amelia
    Current Favs:

    Margaret * Fife * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Harriet * Clementine * Aurelia * Mae

    Andrew * Samuel * Everett * Leo * Jack * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Henry * Jude

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    Last Name: Doherty

    DH: Archibald "Archie" Jacob Doherty
    DW: Florence "Florie" Mae Doherty (nee Ainsley)

    Their children & children in laws

    Son #1: George Alexander Doherty
    His wife: Paulina Nicole Doherty (nee Heiman)

    Daughter #1: Ava Greer Martin (nee Doherty)
    Her husband: Thelonious "Theo" Amadeus Martin

    Daughter #2: Sophia Juliet Andrews (nee Doherty)
    Her husband: Brett Luther Andrews

    Son #2: Zane Levi Doherty
    His wife: Emma Victoria Doherty (nee Traverse)

    Son #3: Leo Finlay Doherty
    His wife: Estella Sofi Doherty (nee Samuels)

    Children of Son #1:
    DD: Magnolia "Maggie" Anastasia Doherty
    DS: Thames Ford Doherty
    DD: Iris Amaryllis Doherty

    Children of Daughter #1:
    DS/DD: Aiden Theo Martin, Abigail June Martin
    DD: Alexandria Pearl Martin
    DS: Amias "Milo" Gideon Martin

    Children of Daughter #2:
    DS: Hunter Atticus Andrews
    DS: Timothy Calder Andrews

    Children of Son #2:
    DD: Eleanor Grace Doherty
    DD: Susannah Starling Doherty
    DD: Maeve Penelope Doherty

    Children of Son #3: DS:
    DS: Gabriel James Doherty
    DD: Claire Aya Doherty
    DS/DS: Archer "Archie" Lucas Doherty , Theodore "Teddy" Silas Doherty
    DD: Ines Josephine Doherty

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