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    Another Generation CAF Game :)

    LN: Your choice

    DH: FN & MN:[FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT]
    DW: FN & MN:[FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]

    Their children & children in laws

    Son #1:
    FN & MN:
    His wife:
    FN & MN:

    Daughter #1
    FN & MN:
    Her husband:
    FN & MN:

    Daughter #2
    FN & MN:
    Her husband:
    FN & MN:

    Son #2
    FN & MN:
    His wife:
    FN & MN:

    Son #3
    FN & MN:
    His wife:
    FN & MN:

    The grandchildren

    Children of Son #1:
    DD: FN: MN:
    DS: FN: MN:
    DD: FN:

    Children of Daughter #1:
    DS/DD: FN:
    DD: FN:
    DS: FN:

    Children of Daughter #2:
    DS: FN: MN:
    DS: FN:

    Children of Son #2:
    DD: FN:
    DD: FN:
    DD: FN:

    Children of Son #3:
    DS: FN: MN:
    DD: FN:
    DS/DS: FN:
    DD: FN: MN:
    You can add ages, pictures, birthdays etc if you want to. You can even write down a little story about them. Have fun!
    Combos under Construction- Yet again, lol.

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    OOOPS, wrong link to wife number 2! Here's the right one: [FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT]
    Combos under Construction- Yet again, lol.

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    LN: McGull

    GF: Tobias Jude
    GM: Lillian Beatrice

    Son #1: William David
    - His Wife: Georgia Simone
    - Their Children: Laurel Scarlett, Hudson Cole, Iris Guinevere
    *Will & Georgia,
    Laurel, Cole & Iris

    Daughter #1: Audrey Grace
    - Her Husband: Dexter Louis Marshall
    - Their Children: Avery Piper/Aiden Dexter, Alexandria June, Azaiah Levi
    *Audrey & Dex,
    Avery, Aiden, Lexi & Zai

    Daughter #2: Courtney Helena
    - Her Husband: Evander Nolan Willis
    - Their Children: Gunner Chance, Jasper Monte
    *Courtney & Evan,
    Gunner & Jasper

    Son #2: Jackson Miles
    - His Wife: Victoria Eleanor
    - Their Children: Lorelei Madison, Rebekah Wren, Tatiana Charlotte
    *Jack & Vicky,
    Lorelei, Bekah & Tati

    Son #3: Felix Duncan
    -His Wife: Milana Chanel
    -Their Children: Gabriel Rhett, Tessa Midori, Bentley Lucas/Beckett Micah, Severine Harper
    *Felix & Milana,
    Gabe, Tessa, Bentley/Beck & Rini

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    Arlo|Finn|Oliver|Taylor|Fox|Rhodes|Archer|Bram|Bay |Lane|Evett|Tyne|Bodhi

    Everly|Arla|Clementine|Avalon|Iris|Charla|Allegra| Nova|Lark|Birdie|Ione|Indigo|Lumina

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    Generation One and Two

    Spencer Caleb Watson
    wife: Lydia Emily nee Davis
    ♂: Leo Timothy
    ♀: Clara Grace
    ♀: Juliet Eden
    ♂: Miles Finn
    ♂: Jasper Ellis

    Generation Three

    Leo Timothy Watson
    wife: Harriet Olivia nee Wells
    ♀: Rain Cecily
    ♂: Ford Hollis
    ♀: Ivy Isadora

    Clara Grace Watson
    husband: Jackson Aldo Martin
    ♂: Abraham August "Abe"
    ♀: Antonia Poppy "Toni"
    ♀: Alexandria Pearl "Andi"
    ♂: Thornton Andrew "Thorn"

    Juliet Eden Watson
    husband: Nolan Thierry Chapman
    ♂: Ryder Jarvis
    ♂: Arthur Miles

    Miles Finn Watson
    wife: Elizabeth Anne nee Grant
    ♀: Jane Samantha
    ♀: Anna Paloma
    ♀: Maeve Catherine

    Jasper Ellis Watson
    wife: Marina Anja nee Poole
    ♂: Noah Holden
    ♀: Lucy April
    ♂: Dexter Evan
    ♂: Asher Micah
    ♀: Elodie Rosa
    Louie ¤ Clement ¤ Malcolm ¤ Ralph
    Sylvie ¤ Hermione ¤ Benedita ¤ Freya

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