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    LN: McGhee
    DH: Henry Nathaniel
    DW: Lillian Victoria "Lily"

    DS: Thomas Julian "Tom"
    -DW: Patricia Justine "Patty"
    --DD: Willow Juliette
    --DS: Hudson Graham
    --DD: Violet Serafina

    DD: Greta Vivien
    -DH: Miles Quincy
    --DS/DD: August "Gus" Sebastian & Adeline "Addie" Ivy
    --DD: Alexis June
    --DS: Jedidiah "Jed" Asa

    DD: Eden Scarlett
    -DH: Austin Cooper
    --DS: Axel Phineas
    --DS: Levi Walter

    DS: Shane Jackson
    -DW: Amelia Caroline
    --DD: Julia Elizabeth
    --DD: Hannah Wren
    --DD: Maeve "Mae" Louisa

    DS: Jasper Leo
    -DW: Sasha Adina
    --DS: Ethan James & Joshua "Josh" Milo
    --DD: Olivia "Liv" May
    --DS/DS: Liam Wyatt & Rhys Emmett
    --DD: Clea Grace
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    LN: Snipe

    DH: Isaac Tobias
    DW: Emma Caroline

    Their children & children in laws

    Son #1: Nathaniel Jacob
    His wife: Charlotte Laura

    Daughter #1 Sophia Greer
    Her husband: Dylan Lennox

    Daughter #2 Ava Gabrielle
    Her husband: Jordan Cooper

    Son #2 Chase Wyatt
    His wife: Victoria Anne

    Son #3 Lachlan Callum
    His wife: Natalia Lily

    The grandchildren

    Children of Son #1:
    DD: Dahlia Scarlett
    DS: Hudson Jagger
    DD: Bryony Payton

    Children of Daughter #1:
    DS/DD: Archer Roman & Avalon Sadie
    DD: Paxton Diane
    DS: Sayer Tamar

    Children of Daughter #2:
    DS: Zane Edward
    DS: Simon Calder

    Children of Son #2:
    DD: Rosalie Grace
    DD: Elizabeth Wren
    DD: Anya Margaret

    Children of Son #3:
    DS: Ethan Rhett
    DD: Maya Chloe
    DS/DS: Declan Adam & Ryland Jace
    DD: Leah Harper

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    LN: Wright

    DH: Emmanuel Quincy
    DW: Florence Violet

    Their children & children in laws

    Son #1: Leo Benjamin
    His wife: Philippa Maxine

    Daughter #1: Eva Vivien
    Her husband: Miles Ellington

    Daughter #2: Eliza Grace
    Her husband: Evander Ryne

    Son #2: Miles Jackson
    His husband: Edmund Humphrey

    Son #3: Felix Barnaby
    His wife: Gemma Lily

    The grandchildren

    Children of Son #1:
    Avis Evangeline, Caspian Hendrix, Flora Hermione

    Children of Daughter #1:
    Archer Ray/Anais Pearl, Maxine Ariel, Hamish Joel

    Children of Daughter #2:
    Fox Holden, Jasper Noll

    Children of Son #2:
    Jane Elizabeth, Ada Starling, Anya Penelope

    Children of Son #3:
    James Leopold, Maisie Iris, Emmett Silas/Ronan Amos, Leonie Florence

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    Dgpa: {68} Nathaniel Isaiah Brady
    Dgma: {63} Hazel Margaret {Alhberg} Brady

    DS1: {38} Alexander Thomas Brady
    - DW: {37} Victoria Josephine {Danielson} Brady
    - DD: {12} Laurel Susannah Brady
    - DS: {10} Hudson Jude Brady
    - DD: {7} Violet Isadora Brady

    DD1: {36} Grace Audrey {Brady} Goodman
    - DH: {37} Harrison Louis Goodman
    - DS/DD: {10} August Leopold Goodman / Anastasia Scarlett Goodman
    - DD: {5} Beatrix Sabrina Goodman
    - DS: {nb} Tobiah Gideon Goodman

    DD2: {33} Eliza Gabrielle {Brady} Keegan
    - DH: {33} Troy Sebastian Keegan
    - DS: {6} Talon Rhett Keegan
    - DS: {3} Max Walter Keegan

    DS2: {30} Shane Wyatt Brady
    - DW: {29} Caroline Frances {Jaehn} Brady
    - DD: {7} Cecilia Madison Brady
    - DD: {3} Abigail Merle Brady
    - DD: {exp} Elodie Mariann Brady

    DS3: {28} Leo Felix Brady
    - DW: {27} Adina Raquel {Cruz} Brady
    - DS: {5} Christopher William Brady
    - DD: {3} Charlotte Matilda Brady
    - DS/DS: {2} Clayton Lucas Brady / Chandler Jesse Brady
    - DD: {nb} Clemence Eleanor Brady

    Nate + Hazel Brady
    - Alex + Vicky Brady; Laurel, Hudson, + Violet Brady
    - Grace + Harry Goodman; Gus, Ana, Bea, & Toby Goodman
    - Eliza + Troy Keegan; Talon + Max Keegan
    - Shane + Cara Brady; Ceci, Abby, & Elodie Brady
    - Leo + Adina Brady; Topher, Lottie, Clay, CJ. & Clem Brady
    "Because happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
    Glinda, Wicked

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