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    LN: McGhee
    DH: Henry Nathaniel
    DW: Lillian Victoria "Lily"

    DS: Thomas Julian "Tom"
    -DW: Patricia Justine "Patty"
    --DD: Willow Juliette
    --DS: Hudson Graham
    --DD: Violet Serafina

    DD: Greta Vivien
    -DH: Miles Quincy
    --DS/DD: August "Gus" Sebastian & Adeline "Addie" Ivy
    --DD: Alexis June
    --DS: Jedidiah "Jed" Asa

    DD: Eden Scarlett
    -DH: Austin Cooper
    --DS: Axel Phineas
    --DS: Levi Walter

    DS: Shane Jackson
    -DW: Amelia Caroline
    --DD: Julia Elizabeth
    --DD: Hannah Wren
    --DD: Maeve "Mae" Louisa

    DS: Jasper Leo
    -DW: Sasha Adina
    --DS: Ethan James & Joshua "Josh" Milo
    --DD: Olivia "Liv" May
    --DS/DS: Liam Wyatt & Rhys Emmett
    --DD: Clea Grace
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    LN: Snipe

    DH: Isaac Tobias
    DW: Emma Caroline

    Their children & children in laws

    Son #1: Nathaniel Jacob
    His wife: Charlotte Laura

    Daughter #1 Sophia Greer
    Her husband: Dylan Lennox

    Daughter #2 Ava Gabrielle
    Her husband: Jordan Cooper

    Son #2 Chase Wyatt
    His wife: Victoria Anne

    Son #3 Lachlan Callum
    His wife: Natalia Lily

    The grandchildren

    Children of Son #1:
    DD: Dahlia Scarlett
    DS: Hudson Jagger
    DD: Bryony Payton

    Children of Daughter #1:
    DS/DD: Archer Roman & Avalon Sadie
    DD: Paxton Diane
    DS: Sayer Tamar

    Children of Daughter #2:
    DS: Zane Edward
    DS: Simon Calder

    Children of Son #2:
    DD: Rosalie Grace
    DD: Elizabeth Wren
    DD: Anya Margaret

    Children of Son #3:
    DS: Ethan Rhett
    DD: Maya Chloe
    DS/DS: Declan Adam & Ryland Jace
    DD: Leah Harper

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    LN: Wright

    DH: Emmanuel Quincy
    DW: Florence Violet

    Their children & children in laws

    Son #1: Leo Benjamin
    His wife: Philippa Maxine

    Daughter #1: Eva Vivien
    Her husband: Miles Ellington

    Daughter #2: Eliza Grace
    Her husband: Evander Ryne

    Son #2: Miles Jackson
    His husband: Edmund Humphrey

    Son #3: Felix Barnaby
    His wife: Gemma Lily

    The grandchildren

    Children of Son #1:
    Avis Evangeline, Caspian Hendrix, Flora Hermione

    Children of Daughter #1:
    Archer Ray/Anais Pearl, Maxine Ariel, Hamish Joel

    Children of Daughter #2:
    Fox Holden, Jasper Noll

    Children of Son #2:
    Jane Elizabeth, Ada Starling, Anya Penelope

    Children of Son #3:
    James Leopold, Maisie Iris, Emmett Silas/Ronan Amos, Leonie Florence

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    Dgpa: {68} Nathaniel Isaiah Brady
    Dgma: {63} Hazel Margaret {Alhberg} Brady

    DS1: {38} Alexander Thomas Brady
    - DW: {37} Victoria Josephine {Danielson} Brady
    - DD: {12} Laurel Susannah Brady
    - DS: {10} Hudson Jude Brady
    - DD: {7} Violet Isadora Brady

    DD1: {36} Grace Audrey {Brady} Goodman
    - DH: {37} Harrison Louis Goodman
    - DS/DD: {10} August Leopold Goodman / Anastasia Scarlett Goodman
    - DD: {5} Beatrix Sabrina Goodman
    - DS: {nb} Tobiah Gideon Goodman

    DD2: {33} Eliza Gabrielle {Brady} Keegan
    - DH: {33} Troy Sebastian Keegan
    - DS: {6} Talon Rhett Keegan
    - DS: {3} Max Walter Keegan

    DS2: {30} Shane Wyatt Brady
    - DW: {29} Caroline Frances {Jaehn} Brady
    - DD: {7} Cecilia Madison Brady
    - DD: {3} Abigail Merle Brady
    - DD: {exp} Elodie Mariann Brady

    DS3: {28} Leo Felix Brady
    - DW: {27} Adina Raquel {Cruz} Brady
    - DS: {5} Christopher William Brady
    - DD: {3} Charlotte Matilda Brady
    - DS/DS: {2} Clayton Lucas Brady / Chandler Jesse Brady
    - DD: {nb} Clemence Eleanor Brady

    Nate + Hazel Brady
    - Alex + Vicky Brady; Laurel, Hudson, + Violet Brady
    - Grace + Harry Goodman; Gus, Ana, Bea, & Toby Goodman
    - Eliza + Troy Keegan; Talon + Max Keegan
    - Shane + Cara Brady; Ceci, Abby, & Elodie Brady
    - Leo + Adina Brady; Topher, Lottie, Clay, CJ. & Clem Brady
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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